ALL EMPLOYEES 10HR OSHA Certified and MSHA Part 46 Certified.

Heavy Rigging

Virtually any machinery can be moved by us in your building or across the city, state even country. We strive for safety, efficiency, practicality and simplicity. The result is incident and injury-free project execution while hitting cost targets, specializing in “on time critical/short-schedule” rigging or equipment relocation projects.

We’ve undertaken and executed in some of the most dynamic projects and construction challenges the country has to offer. Don’t take “It can’t be done.” Mosier CAN get it done, and done fast!

Demolition and Decomission

Mosier Industrial Services specializes in demolition and decommission services for clients needing industrial facility decommissioning, line decommissioning or plant removal and/or relocation. Due to taxes and insurance liabilities; unused or under cared for buildings can become a cumbersome and unnecessary cost and liability.

Mosier Industrial Services assists our clients in reducing these needless expenses by demolishing, removing or purchasing these unused facilities and harvesting the remaining metal and equipment in a safe and responsible way for recycling or adaptive reuse. Tight deadlines and even tighter expectations are what Mosier Industrial Services thrive on.

Heavy Equipment Relocation

Regardless of the terrain, Mosier Industrial has the experience and equipment to develop the best solution for transporting your structure, materials, machinery and equipment. Mosier’s is equipped to handle heavy loads over public roadways or through congested work zones using specific trailers and other transport systems. We excel at what others can’t get done.

We are highly-trained machinery moving, rigging and relocation specialists that have successfully handled many relocation projects. Our continued commitment to client specifications and satisfaction ensures that we will deliver just what is expected.

Industrial Surplus

As Industrial Surplus buyers, we will buy anything and everything, old and new scrap, industrial material and electrical equipment large quantity and small. We make it so easy to turn your surplus into cash. We believe that long-term business is good business. Contact us at 419-683-4000 with any inquiries. We buy most types of industrial surplus including but not limited to; Dust Collectors, Cabinets, Motors, Robots, Shop Equipment, Welding, Tooling, Electrical and Fabrication.

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