Decommissioning and Demolition

Mosier Industrial Services specializes in demolition and decommission services for clients needing industrial facility decommissioning, line decommissioning or plant removal and/or relocation. Due to taxes and insurance liabilities; unused or under cared for buildings can become a cumbersome and unnecessary cost and liability. Mosier Industrial Services assists our clients in reducing these needless expenses by demolishing, removing or purchasing these unused facilities and harvesting the remaining metal and equipment in a safe and responsible way for recycling or adaptive reuse. Tight deadlines and even tighter expectations are what Mosier Industrial Services thrive on.

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Why Us?

Our success and long history are thanks to our highly trained staff. We vow to make your project our top concern and promise your expectations will be exceeded greatly. We support our clients and workers by maintaining a safe and responsible work site while simultaneously delivering on project deadlines. Mosier Industrial Services can provide custom tailored solutions that will help your company or organization with cutting the costs of tax and insurance liabilities. Contact us today at (419)683-4000 and let us answer any questions you might have and earn your business.

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